Prof John Caroll | How To Make The Jesus Story Speak Today? | #AbundantJustice18

“I think it’s just terrible that the great text for our times on who we are, the Jesus story, is marginal in where its been told… because it does pop up in popular culture, in strange guises like Fight Club and Joseph Conroy’s Heart of Darkness etc. All these projections of a Saviour figure..

Jesus may be fading from the imaginations and from knowledge, but the need for what he represents.. doesn’t dim at all!”

John Carroll is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. He has degrees in mathematics, economics and sociology from the universities of Melbourne and Cambridge. His work focuses on culture, and its crucial role in the human search for meaning, with particular reference to the modern Western society.

His books include The Wreck of Western Culture—Humanism Revisited, The Existential Jesus, and "Ego and Soul—the Modern West in Search of Meaning".

Peter Branjerdporn