An Evening with Michael Leunig | #AbundantJustice18

What makes us human? What should we make of the current direction of Australian society? The evening consisted of a talk by Michael Leunig, followed by conversation with The Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt.

The sold-out event also featured wonderful music by Queensland Kodaly Choir with pieces composed using Leunig's poetry, and an Aboriginal art exhibition by Moran Art finalist, Glenn Loughrey in the magnificent St John's Cathedral, Brisbane.

MICHAEL LEUNIG is an Australian cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet. His commentary on political, cultural and emotional life spans more than forty years and has often explored the idea of an innocent and sacred personal world. The fragile ecosystem of human nature and its relationship to the wider natural world is a related and recurrent theme.

His newspaper work appears regularly in the Melbourne Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. He describes his approach as regressive, humorous, messy, mystical, primal and vaudevillian - producing work which is open to many interpretations and has been widely adapted in education, music, theatre, psychotherapy and spiritual life.

(Video Cover Photo by David Fittell)

Peter Branjerdporn