"Time to reflect on the complexities and principles behind what we do in the Justice sphere." | Carolyn Tan on AJ2017


I attended Abundant Justice 2017 and loved it! 

I’ve been very active for many years on church social justice bodies in Perth and nationally, but having to keep up with issues and submissions leaves very little time to reflect on the complexities and principles behind what we do in the justice sphere. Abundant Justice 2017 provided a great opportunity for that. The speakers were knowledgeable, theologically articulate, thought-provoking and challenging. 

There was a lot of space for discussion, structured and informal, with new ideas popping up everywhere from a variety of people. AJ 2017 gave us resources to reflect on God’s imagination and the bigger picture down to our own styles of operating and being spiritually nourished. It enabled me to recharge and dare to dream again. 

The other beauty of a national conference of this sort is the change to meet up with people working in similar areas and issues from around the country. It’s a networking heaven!  More importantly, it was a great chance to share our struggles and our passions and to get practical ideas.

I was therefore delighted to find out that Abundant Justice was running again in 2018, this time over 3 days and with a bigger programme. The list of speakers and events is fascinating. I’ve been encouraging people in Perth to make the big trip to Brisbane and hope there will be a good turnout.

Peter Branjerdporn